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Read then Fly!

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Have you got a flight coming up very soon and are you feeling nervous or sick about being able to get on?
Do you think you’ll have to cancel your flight and disappoint or friends or family?
Do you think you’ve left it too late to do anything about it?
Actually if you’ve got an hour or so to spare it’s not too late!
Are you willing to give it a go?
You should …
…because it’ll only take you about an hour to read this book and you’ll be ready to go. It will give you all the help you’ll need to take your flight AND not feel so anxious.  This is the last minute guide for fearful flyers. There’s no time to waste so there are no wasted words. It’s straight talking and direct but with lots of empathy and it’ll make you smile and maybe even make you laugh
So if you were too busy to arrange a regular fear of flying course or you ignored everything in the hope that it would go away or you just couldn’t find the courage to face your fear … don’t worry. The chances are when you’ve read this book you’ll be able to fly and you won’t be letting anyone down.
You’ll need to find some courage, of course, but you’ve started … you’re here, now, thinking about doing something about your fear even at this late stage… that’s brave in itself.  
If you really want to get flying take a deep breath dig up some courage and let me help you and guide you through the things you should do and the things you should know.
You’ll never see flying the same way once you’ve read this, I promise. 
Take a break from worrying, find somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed for an hour and read this book. You’ll be amazed how much more confident you’ll feel when you’ve finished.
How is it, that having written more than half a million words on how to address a fear of flying that I’ve ended up writing even more stuff?
The fact is that in the last year or so I’ve been inundated with calls/messages from people who have left it too late to address their fears and need last minute help. Mistakenly, I thought I’d written all the help anyone needed. Books, CD’s, Audio courses, an enormous website with hundreds of pages, blogs, Tweets and more.  But in fact, there was nothing available for panic-stricken flyers who were at their wit’s end. The callers were asking what I could offer in the way of on the spot support. That’s why I started this project.
What eventually dawned on me was that all the previous stuff I’d written helped people who had time to be helped and could study and think about all the stuff available. What I realise now is that there are thousands of people who don’t or can’t prepare … what they need is something completely different. Something short, sweet and smart.
Anyone who has written a book will know how demanding it can be. You get a rough idea in your head so you start a new ‘document’ and off you go. One idea follows another and the story unfolds …. easy if you’re writing a love story because it’s just a case of boy meets girl, parents say never!  So they battle on, eventually triumph and live happily ever after. The offspring become the characters of the next story. People like Charles Dickens and Jane Austen had it really easy.
Doesn’t work like that for this sort of stuff. What’s the best start? How a plane flies, turbulence, claustrophobia, thunderstorms, night flying, flying over the sea, fog? Where you’d like me to start is probably not where other people would like me to start.
What happened was that I had what I thought was a beginning and then a whole bunch of other ideas came into my head and which seemed just as important too. Everywhere seemed a good beginning!  
 As a result, most of my efforts were directed to getting my material into a readable order. There was so much to be considered, rejected, condensed simplified and re-written that sometimes I lost the will to type. 
But I did discover a way and I hope it works for you.
This is the written version of all the tips and strategies I suggested during those conversations  I was involved with … it’s both the least and the most, that is worth saying to a desperate fearful flyer.
If one person benefits from all those stressful days at my keyboard then it will have been worth it. If you’re ever in need of help email me or call me. All the details are here at
“I want you to know from the start that I understand how you’re feeling. After all I’ve been helping people to address their fear of flying for nearly 20 years. I’m on your side and I want you to succeed, but we’re short of time so this is book is straight to the point and is the very least you need to know about to get you on your flight with more confidence than you have now. Please don’t be put off by my straight talking and direct style. Every word has to count. Every word is here to help you.”


Turbulence may be very uncomfortable, but that’s not the same as dangerous.

“I’d better get on with this subject as I’m sure it’s what you’ll be looking through the book for. I know it doesn’t help you much to know that almost everyone hates turbulence … even people who enjoy flying but remember you’re not alone by any means when it comes to turbulence. 

In the old days, when I was first an airline pilot, I used to dislike turbulence because it was hard to drink a cup of coffee and have a fag if the plane was rocking around! I hesitate to use the word fag instead of cigarette but I was telling someone about this and she burst out laughing, trying to imagine me with a cup of coffee and a ‘fag going’ whilst flying the plane, all without a worry in the world. (She said that she’d never see turbulence in the same way again). Apart from that, turbulence was to me what waves are to a sailor… part and parcel of the job. The sea has waves and the air has waves, one you can see and the other one you can’t but they’re the same thing.”

“There isn’t a facility on board the plane for the crew to pass secret messages and neither do we have a code for them. The bing bong that you sometimes hear is one crew member calling another to tell them there’s a film star in another cabin or that the passenger in seat 16 J is a ….”

“For you the word plummeting isn’t as helpful to you as the word descending. Hitting turbulence isn’t as helpful as …encountering turbulence. Point of no return isn’t as helpful as saying take off.”

“There’s nothing wrong with using the wrong words, except that YOU end up worrying about flying and I don’t. The problem with worrying about flying is that it makes you nervous and you end up having to read a book like this to overcome your fear.” 

“The fact is that one day you will have to face your fear on your own regardless of your feelings. So let’s start by controlling your words rather than imagining that you would solve all your ‘fear’ problems by being allowed to fly the plane!”

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