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Captain Keith Godfrey

Captain Keith is a highly respected pilot and trainer who is known for his innovative and effective teaching style.

Keith’s flying career started in 1959 when he flew solo in a glider the day after his 16th birthday which is exactly 59 years ago to the day that this is being typed. in 1961 he qualified as a Private Pilot at The Fair Oaks Aero Club near Woking in Surrey. In 1964 he joined the club as a junior instructor and became the Chief Flying Instructor in 1966. During that time he gained licences and qualifications to become a commercial pilot. At the time  jobs were few and far between which meant that to fly anything bigger than a four-seater light aeroplane he had to move with his wife and 3-month old daughter to Dublin to fly what he describes as “ a beaten up old freighter that smelt like a farmyard.” For a year he flew racehorses around Europe. 

The plane was old, cold and unreliable. A minor but expensive technical problem meant that it was taken out of service and so was he. Within two months he joined British European Airways, the short haul division of what became British Airways. After 7 years in Scotland, he transferred to London Heathrow to fly the Lockheed Tri-Star which was one of the new three-engined wide-body jets.  He spent 14 years flying the 757 and the 767 where he was a training pilot, check pilot and authorised examiner.

After retirement, Keith has continued training with many airlines and now works with one of the world’s largest training organisations. He trains pilots new to the world of flying and trains captains to become training pilots

He is recognised as an innovative effective and highly successful trainer. In his 59 year flying career he has logged over 20,000 hours flying experience and flown more than 80 types of aircraft. 

Keith started to help people with a fear of flying when his wife called him from work. She had with her a very nervous flyer and asked if he would chat to her about flying and how safe it was. Two hours later the phone was handed to another work colleague who was an anxious passenger too. At the end of another long chat he suggested that they put all their questions into an email where he could answer them more fully. That email reply eventually turned into a book, so he launched a web site to promote the book. Later and with an actor friend he produced a CD Audio set and sold it from the site too. The demand for courses became apparent and when a film company heard about the courses he was running asked if they could  go along to film one and produced a DVD about overcoming the fear of flying.

The most popular product is a smart phone  app that helps people to address their anxiety about turbulence. The App measures turbulence on  other journeys, like a train or a car ride so the fearful flyer can compare them with the bumps they get on a flight. There are breathing and relaxation routines incorporated on the App.

He often gives radio interviews and is asked to comment on any incidents that may be of interest to airline passengers. His course are conducted on a de-commissioned plane where nervous flyers can hear the sounds of flight and watch videos of various phases of flight.

His empathy comes from a lifelong fear of heights and a profound discomfort of floating on water … even in a boat.

He and his wife have a total of 6 children and 13 grandchildren between them. In whatever spare time remains, he sits and rests. After that he spends at least three days a week running the  website and talking to fearful flyers. His interests are being in the open air, gardening, reading, teaching, psychology, travel, DIY and motor cars.

He is a collector of books by Richard Jefferies the 19th century social philosopher and nature writer. His collection has a number of first edition books whose costs are a closely guarded secret.

He is an avid theatre goer and spent two years as a member of an amateur dramatic society.

He is a keen advocate of the Oscar Wilde school of exercise. “ Whenever I feel that I need some exercise, I sit down until the feeling wears off.”

The first: Auster

The best: DH82a De Havilland Tiger Moth

The most fun: DH82a De Havilland Tiger Moth

The biggest: Lockhead L1011 Tri-Star

The most advanced: Boeing 767

The oldest: (As passenger WW1 Vickers Gun bus)

The sleekest: Piper Twin Commanche

The smallest: Rollason Turbulent

The most aerobatic: SV Stampe

The least memorable: Rollason Condor immortalised in  this poem by Wing Commander Cyril Arthur AFC

The easiest: Piper PA 22 Colt

The smelliest: Airspeed Ambassador horse freighter


by Captain Keith Godfrey

First published in 2003, this book has sold over 30,000 copies. it has recently been updated to include sections on Psychology and Strategies. This book is a must for anyone who is anxious about flying. Over 59 years of flying experience is in this one volume and everything is written in a way that will help fearful flyers to build the confidence and knowledge to ‘Fly without Fear’.

There are other books about overcoming a fear of flying. This is the down to earth no-nonsense no mumbo-jumbo one. It’s an easy and enjoyable read that will boost your confidence to fly without fear. It should have been the first to read, but it’ll definitely be the last one you’ll need to read.  

The Other Side of Fear…a Pilot’s Life

by Captain Keith Godfrey

Without doubt the funniest and most informative book you’ll ever read about a pilots life and about a fear of flying. Although this book was written to occupy the thoughts of anxious flyers it will be an interesting and compelling read for anyone who wants to know about a pilot’s life.

Follow the author’s career from his childhood dream to the day he retired and more. This is not a diary of things he did, but about the things he noticed and felt. You’ll never see having a coffee at the airport in quite the same way again. In fact, you won’t see anything about flying in quite the same way after you’ve read this. But don’t worry there’s not a word in it that will make you feel anxious, in fact, every word will make you feel better.

Training Skills for Training Pilots

by Captain Keith Godfrey

A comprehensive informal and entertaining guide for any airline pilot who is responsible for training or examining pilots. Fifty-four years of instructional experience are contained in this book. It is a training manual that has a humorous angle. The author’s guiding principle is that learning must be fun and therefore teaching has to be flexible. There are no ‘musts’ or ‘rules’ just ideas and suggestions for improving the learning experience for trainees. Highly readable, very informative and essential reading for any pilot who wants to improve the quality of his/her training delivery.

Especially useful for training managers who want to contain training costs. Efficient innovative and ‘thinking’ trainers get things done more quickly and to a higher standard than the ones produced in sausage machines.

The message is to stop training so hard and concentrate on helping the trainees to learn.

Feel The Fear and Go Flying Anyway

by Captain Keith Godfrey

The perfect book for fearful flyers who have almost left it too late to do anything about their fear of flying.
This book will take the average reader a little over an hour to read and will help anyone who is having last minute nerves. 
It’s brief, it’s to the point and there’s not a wasted word anywhere. It covers the facts and the feelings and gives the reader a working strategy if they are prepared to trust the author and to trust themselves.
It’ll make you laugh, it’ll surprise you and it will inform you…some of the explanations are ‘different’ but they are true and they’ll help you to navigate around your fear.  You’ll have to imagine invisible water and white water rafting on it, you’ll be asked to compare garden sheds and Jumbos.  
And you’ll have to take a lot of things on trust.
When you read that the wings can’t fall off …   you’ll have to believe it. There’s no point in reading expert opinion and disregarding it. 
Imagine it’s the day before your flight and you contact Captain Keith for help. This is what he’d say. “Start by handing your fear over to me…” and then read the book because that’s what he’d explain to you.

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